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Sculpture Garden of the Gods 


City Lion Press, 2018

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  The Greek island of Ikaria has gained notoriety lately for being a so-called “Blue Zone,” one of the select places on the planet where people live the longest. This otherwise obscure island was also known to the Ancients as the birthplace of the Greek god of ecstasy and wine, Dionysus, who was born upon the rocky ridge of mountain that runs down the center of the island.
   SCULPTURE GARDEN OF THE GODS, a book of black and white photographs and prose is the fruit of the author's three winters upon this mountain—often blown by hurricane-force winds and engulfed in thick fog. 
  Shor weaves the poetic force of his eye with that of his pen to take us on a journey to this otherworldly landscape, where lashing winds sculpt solid granite into forms that look like living beings with an uncanny regularity.
  It is a place of mystery and beauty, where the most enduring is dissolved by the most fleeting, where wisps of fog blown by a gale can cause an entire mountain-side to disappear in an instant.

Sculpture Garden of the Gods
City Lion Press, 2018
172 Pages / 8.5" X 11" (21.6 X 27.9 cm)
190 Black & White Photographs
ISBN: 978-0999291870
A sampling of the 190 fine-art black and white photographs from

  Ikaria gets its name from Icarus, who according to ancient Greek myth reaching back to the 5th century BC, plunged into the sea off the island’s coast and drowned after flying too close to the sun and melting the wax that held his wings together.
  In ancient Greece, mountains were places of mystery and power. They were where the gods dwelled.
  As the wind rises up the face of the mountain it forms clouds that tumble across the landscape.Thick fog envelops the heights.
  Fog is the universal solvent, into which everything—from roads, mountains, trees, and stone—all dissolve.
Both life and death abound on the mountain.
  The wind is of such tremendous force that it twists wood and carves stone.
  It is a landscape that calls out for explanation, leaving one to wonder how it got that way. 
  The rock formations are so strange and improbable—in seeming defiance of the logic that shapes landscapes—that one cannot help but wish one could go there with a geologist who could explain how the landscape could have been left that way by nature, how such forms take shape, how one huge granite boulder could have been left so delicately balancing upon another.
  Yet to have the eye of a geologist, to ‘understand’ the ravages of time that quite certainly led to this hauntingly beautiful and otherworldly landscape, would threaten the mystery of the place.
  Every child has seen an animal in a cloud or a face in stone, but this ability tends to die out with age. Here, on the mountain, that faculty is effectively restored: living forms jump out at you with an ease that implies a more intimate interpenetration of the animate and inanimate worlds. 
  Is it only in the onlooker’s eye that the dancer dwells in a thorny bush?
SCULPTURE GARDEN OF THE GODS takes us on a journey to an unusual mountain, one even the ancients thought was touched by the gods, the very place where Zeus gave birth to Dionysus, a place where the animating wind has been sculpting matter for untold millennia, giving breath to stone and bringing it to life.
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ISBN:  978-0999291870