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The Master Director: 
A Journey through 
Politics, Doubt and Devotion 
with a Himalayan Master

 HarperCollins, 2014 

Excerpts from The Master Director
Map showing the important places  where the story takes place 
Table of Contents 

 Preface The Great Escape 

 Part I The Impeccable Impossibility 
Chapter 1 Into the Imperial Court 
Chapter 2 Hotel Stay Put 
Chapter 3 Pilgrimage in Search of the Present Moment 
Chapter 4 Master of Disguises 
Chapter 5 Literal Beliefs and Metaphysical Truths 
Chapter 6 The Branch that Bends Low 
Chapter 7 The Attempted Assassination 
Chapter 8 Through the Impersonal Lens 
Chapter 9 The Man Behind the Show 
Chapter 10 Front-Row Seat 
Chapter 11 Crazy Wisdom 
Part II The Return 
Chapter 12 The Diamond Mind 
Chapter 13 The Meaning in Random Events 
Chapter 14 Road Crew 
Chapter 15 The Childhood of God 
Chapter 16 Cutting a Banana with a Spoon 
Chapter 17 Night of Shiva 
Chapter 18 Cancelled Luck 
Chapter 19 Bladder and Other Miracles 
Chapter 20 The Pressure Cooker 
Chapter 21 The Birthday 
Part III A Question of Politics 
Chapter 22 The Unresolved Omission 
Chapter 23 Black Money 
Chapter 24 Flowers and Chocolate 
Chapter 25 Book, What Book? 
Chapter 26 The Idol of India 
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